Tips and Strategy

Andar Bahar is a fun, relatively simple card game that came from South India. In recent years the game has spread, becoming popular across the entire country. This game is popular because it can be played almost anywhere, both on and offline.

Despite its simplicity, there are Andar Bahar rules that must be followed and in line with this, there are various tips and strategy options that can be employed to help you get ahead. Keep reading to find out how to be successful at Andar Bahar.

How to Play Andar Bahar

Before we launch into any of our Andar Bahar tips, we will cover the basic rules of the game. The game is played with just one deck of cards. The dealer cuts the deck to reveal a card with a specific value.

The deck is then split into two piles: left (andar) and right (bahar). The dealer will then reveal a card one by one from each of the piles. Prior to this, the player must place a bet on which side they think the same value card will appear.

Online Andar Bahar Strategy

First and foremost, Online Andar Bahar is a game of luck. This means that there are only so many things a player can do to secure a win. In fact, there are no Andar Bahar strategy options out there that will guarantee a win. That being said, there are a few things that can boost your success.

For instance, betting strategies might work. The game is played using even money odds so the Martingale system – raising a bet on every loss – may actually be useful in preventing you from losing too much.

Tips to Playing Andar Bahar

One of the main tips we can give you here, and something that always comes from famous Andar Bahar players, is that you must understand the game. There is no skill involved; it’s a 50/50 game of chance. Once you know the rules, you have a better footing to be successful.

However, we also recommend that you keep an eye on your bankroll when playing so that you can continue for as long (or as short) as you want. This means making careful, regulated bets on each round of play.

Best Way to Play Andar Bahar

As we mentioned before, Andar Bahar is all about luck, so there’s really no best way to play Andar Bahar. However, if you want to keep your bankroll in play for as long as possible, then we recommend starting with small bets to ensure you’re not losing massive amounts from the start.

You should only start to raise your bets if you have managed to accumulate a decent pot that is greater than the amount you started with. It can also be a good idea to check out the demo games first.

Andar Bahar Cheats

Cheating in any casino game is frowned upon and reputable casinos will ensure that their games are cheat-proof, with live dealers monitored closely or random number generators undergoing auditing in the case of virtual games.

If you are playing in a real casino or playing with friends physically, there are Andar Bahar cheats you can use such as marked cards, invisible ink cards and so on. But really, this doesn’t make you a better player and getting caught will mean a ban and possibly a loss in friendship.

Final Thoughts on Andar Bahar

When it comes to figuring out how to win in Andar Bahar, the truth is there’s no real way to reliably accomplish this. Andar Bahar is completely based on 50/50 luck, so really, the biggest favour you can do for yourself is to ensure that you keep your bankroll maintained and nicely ticking over as you play.

You can utilise betting strategies to help you in this endeavour, but these are also not 100% foolproof and can only take you so far when it comes to chasing a win.

At the end of the day, getting in a lot of practice can help, as well as making sure that you understand the game fully and how much you can get paid out.

Make sure that you’re playing at a reputable casino too so that any winnings you do make will actually come to you. Placing small bets at the start until you reap a profit is the best way forward, but better yet, simply enjoy yourself, have fun and hope that luck is on your side!