Online Casino Games in India

Plenty of online casinos offer a category for ‘other casino games’ in addition to Andar Bahar to be included in their portfolio of offerings, but while this certainly demonstrates a good collection of games, it can be difficult to know what ‘other games’ actually are.

Often, these games will include smaller aspects of the casino that perhaps not all players will be interested in, but are nice to have. These could be things like scratch cards or arcade games that offer some whimsical fun to the site but aren’t necessarily a selling point.

Live Casino Games

Featuring a live video stream that connects you to an actual casino or studio with a real-life dealer (one that is usually incredibly beautiful and glamorous) who spins an actual roulette wheel or deals real cards right before your eyes.

This combination of real-life events brought to your computer, mobile, or tablet offers players the chance to experience the thrills that can only be found in a real-life casino, but from the comfort of their own home.

With games ranging from live roulette to poker tables and more, a live casino is popular with many players.

Themed and Arcade Games

Also frequently found in the ‘other’ category will be a selection of awesome arcade games. These are usually reminiscent of classic arcade games and can include fun titles such as Mini Roulette, Bonus Bowling, Clash Box, Knockout and more.

For players who enjoy the thrills of live casinos but want something a little different, Monopoly Live offers a roulette-style wheel with a live dealer and all sorts of awesome features based around the classic board game.

This combination of betting and classic games is a popular choice for gamers looking for something a little different.


Although there are loads of Bingo-specific online casinos these days and anyone who’s been paying attention will know that Bingo is making a huge comeback over recent years, many online casinos still only offer Bingo games in the ‘other’ category while they focus instead on more popular choices such as slots, live blackjack, poker, and other games.

This may come down to the fact that Bingo is seen a little differently to other forms of gambling, meaning it’s not usually the centre of attention. Similarly, Keno and lottery-style games will often be found under ‘other’.

Casino Slots

Slots rarely come under the ‘other’ category in online casinos simply because most offer so many different online slot machines that they tend to get their own heading. Casino slots can take a range of forms varying from traditional fruit machines to more modern 3D animated video slots.

There are online slots covering pretty much any theme you can think of and by adding special bonus features such as special wilds, free spins, multipliers, and exciting bonus rounds, every slot has something unique to attract players. The sky is the limit for online slots.

Teen Patti

Another game that’s been growing in popularity over recent years hails from India and is a variation of poker played with three cards drawn upside down.

Players can choose to play ‘blind’ (without seeing their cards) or ‘seen’ (having seen their cards) and place bets in rounds on whether they believe they have the better hand.

There are loads of tips and tricks on the best ways to play Teen Patti and its growth in online casinos over recent years gives us reason to believe this is going to be a big game in the future.


Sometimes included in ‘other’ and sometimes elsewhere, another option for players looking for other casino games and a change of pace might be interested in checking out different variations of the same game.

Baccarat, for example, has three main variants: punto banco, chemin de fer, and banque. Most Western casinos will simply offer punto banco as the main game and may include the other variants more subtly on their website.

Loads of casino games offer variations to mix things up. This can be a fun pastime looking for a game you know with a twist.

In addition to variations of classic casino games, scratch cards are also a very popular option when it comes to ‘other’ casino games and similarly offer plenty of variations to keep the games interesting.

In an online casino setting, you can scratch away the cover to reveal some impressive winnings and you’ll usually find the price to play close to purchasing a scratch card at the store.

With an instant-win format and plenty of themes to choose from, there are loads of options here for fun and excitement.